How To Help Your Movers Pack Easily


Professional movers can also help you pack your moving boxes. However, their packing will only progress efficiently and effortlessly if you chip in where necessary, even if you won't be actually packing the boxes. Here are some of the ways to help your movers pack easily:

Give Them Adequate Space

Your movers will need somewhere to pack. This can be an empty room or yard, depending on what you have available, as well as the prevailing weather, among other things. The main thing is to give the movers space where they can place the moving supplies and pack the boxes. For example, you can clear one room and take the items to another room so that the movers can use the space.

Identify Which Items to Move Prior

It is not your movers' job to identify what to carry and what to leave; they will pack everything they find, even if you consider it trash. Therefore, if you want to declutter the home or if you don't want pack everything, identify what the movers should and should not pack before they arrive. You can either remove the items you don't plan to carry to a separate room or mark them for easy identification.

Inform Movers of Special Items Before Arrival

Special moving items include things like fragile items (think big screen television sets), extremely valuable items (think expensive artwork), and extremely heavy items (such as a piano). Professional movers have special moving gear and equipment they use to pack and load such items. This is why you need to inform them if they will be handling any such special items before they arrive.

Get the Kids and Pets out of the Way

You don't want pets or kids running all over the place during the moving day; they can get injured or cause the movers to trip and fall. Therefore, get the pets and kids out of the way to give the movers the freedom they need to work. For example, you can get a babysitter for the kids and take the pets to a kennel.

Don't Micromanage the Movers

Lastly, it's advisable to be present when the movers are packing and loading your items, but this doesn't mean that you need to direct each and every move they make. These are professionals, and they have been doing this for years. Therefore, let them pack and load the items. 

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2 March 2018

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