Here's How To Make Your Local Move With The Family Dog Less Stressful


Moving is one of the most stressful processes people experience, and it's no different when it comes to dogs. Excessive barking, bathroom accidents indoors, and even signs of illness are things that can come up when moving with a dog. Taking your time to pack and get moved to your new home is a great way to make sure that people and dogs alike have the opportunity to transition on their own terms – once you've figured out approximately how long it will take you to plan, pack, and move, add a couple of extra weeks to your timeline for good measure. Here are a few other things you can do to make your local move with the family dog less stressful on everyone involved: 

Invest in a Collapsible Kennel

A great way to make sure that your dog is not underfoot when you are busy organizing belongings and packing boxes is to keep a kennel handy and ready for use. Investing in a metal collapsible kennel will enable you to fold it up and keep it in a closet when you don't need it. And when it is needed, all it takes only a couple of minutes to put together.

These types of kennels allow the dog to continue being part of the family and see what's going on in the room while they're spending time inside. It's a good idea to keep your pooch in a kennel whenever a door to the outside is left open for long periods of time while you pack so they don't run away and any time more than two or three people are in the room to maintain a calm and stress-free atmosphere.

Hire Professional Movers

To keep stress levels low for you and your dog, consider hiring professional movers like those at Walsh Moving & Storage to do the legwork of moving boxes and furniture from your old house to the new one. This will free up your time on moving day to get out of the house with your dog so the movers can do their job without distractions. Heading to the park for a few hours ensures that your dog doesn't have to worry about the strangers moving your stuff out of the house.

Being away while your stuff is being moved from your old home to the truck will also minimize the chances of having to deal with your pooch running away or getting lost in the commotion. What's more is that unlike yourself who has multiple distractions to worry about on moving day, your movers will be able to focus solely on getting your stuff from point A to point B safely and securely.

Get to Know the New Neighborhood

Routine is important to dogs, so giving yours an opportunity to get to know their new neighborhood will keep their stress levels low once they're fully immersed into their new life. Spend a day with your dog in the community you'll be moving to, so you can play a game of fetch at the park, take a walk around the block of your new home, and get to know other dog owners in the neighborhood.

You may even be able to set up a few dog dates for during the first few weeks of your arrival, which will give both you and your pooch the opportunity to make friends that can be counted on while you're settling into your new routines and schedules. If you have kids, chances are that you'll be able to score them a few play dates in the process.

These tips and tricks will help assure your dog that they are not being left behind. They may even help to bring your family and your furry pals closer together when all is said and done


8 October 2015

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